About PFI Sign Plus


Since 1993 PFI Sign Plus has been supplying signage and promotional items that deliver real value and returns for our clients. With our roots firmly established in the visual communication industry, we are one of the few companies that work closely with our customers to provide a comprehensive service to meet their specific requirements.


We deliver extraordinary results by investing in a selection of highly qualified specialists, responsible and dedicated to their profession who keep ahead of the latest cutting edge technologies. They are the company's most valuable asset. PFI Sign Plus combines the efforts of talented artists, designers and fitters who are professionals in their different areas but work together forming a creative and successful team. These are the personnel that provide and exceed customer expectations from initial consultation we can survey, design and propose concepts unique to the Customers requirements, through to the manufacture and installation using appropriate materials to suit every need and budget.

Visions and Values

The PFI Sign Plus vision is to ensure total customer satisfaction by providing value and quality more efficiently than our competition. This vision is supported by a fundamental principal that provides the foundation of all our activities, driven by a focus of quality, efficiency and professionalism.